QEPRA Gardening Committee

Chaired By

Committee Email

Summary of Responsibilities:

Overall: To oversee and advise on all matters affecting gardening, greens and trees on the estate.

Specific Current Responsibilities:

  1. Liaising with Hazelvine, and with the garden maintenance contractors – Nigel Jeffries Ltd. - on gardening matters.
  2. Planning occasional residents’ events connected with the gardens.
  3. Monitoring the quality of work by the garden maintenance contractors and other contractors (tree maintenance and lawn Weed & Feed).

If you notice any problems with the estate-maintained plants or trees, please inform Hazelvine: [email protected]

Please do not interrupt the work of the gardeners themselves whom you may see working round the estate. They work to a strict rota of work and are unable to deal with residents’ requests except those channelled through Hazelvine.