QEPRA Management & Finance Committee

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Summary of Responsibilities:

Act as the principal (administrative vs operational) interface with Hazelvine. Facilitate the orderly transition of responsibility for QEPRMC from the developer directors to the resident directors.

Support the annual Hazelvine budget process, and monitor and report on spend against these budgets.

Current Activities:

  1. Handover of QE Park Residents Management Company (QEPRMC) to Member Directors:
    • Clarifying the Land boundary issues preventing transfer of the common land from the developers to QEPRMC.
    • Chasing the completion of the outstanding Deeds of Rectification to enable Phase 9 to hand over to Hazelvine for management/ maintenance.
    • Addressing the remedial work required to bring Phase 9 back up to "day 1" standard (for gardening and infrastructure matters).
    • Working with Directors and Hazelvine to ensure QEPRMC Articles of Association are fit for purpose.
  2. Provision of Financial Support to the Gardening and Infrastructure Subcommittees
  3. Financial Control of the QEPRMC annual budget
    • Engaging with Hazelvine on the annual Audit of the Estate accounts.
    • Review of Hazelvine's in-year transactions in the accounts to verify correct posting of costs.