QEPRA Main Committee

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Summary of Overall Responsibilities:

The Residents' Association, QEPRA, was formed in 2004. Initially it led various battles on behalf of the Estate against certain plans which would have seriously damaged the Estate and residents' enjoyment of it. It is run by its 'Main Committee', elected by residents annually, which represents residents' interests in terms of:

  1. The budget for estate expenses, which forms the basis of our management charges.
  2. Preserving and maintaining the good appearance of the estate in terms of the gardens (lawns, shrubs, trees).
  3. Preserving and maintaining the 'infrastructure' of the estate, that is, the hard landscaping (e.g. paths) and structures for communal use (e.g. bin stores).
  4. The handover of the QEP Residents' Management Company, currently still owned by the original Developers, to resident owners.