AGM 2016 - 2017 Resolution Information: Main Green Notice Board

In preparation for the QEPRA AGM for 2016 - 2017, please review the background information concerning the resolution to erect an illuminated notice board on the QEP Main Green

The purpose of the notice board would be to present Queen Elizabeth Park estate information (e.g. estate bylaws, permitted usage of green spaces, etc.), QEPRA notices (e.g. social activities) and other notices relevant to residents and visitors to the estate.  The committee set up a working group to investigate options, then design and secure quotes for the best notice board given the site constraints. The committee feel this is particularly important given the problems of people misusing and abusing the estates green spaces over the summer.

Planning regulations require that any such notice board is illuminated.  The group established that the cost and complexity of installing power cables to light the sign was prohibitive, hence solar powered options were considered. 

After reviewing all of the options with their respective costs and complexities of installation, the group wish to put forward a resolution to erect a notice board which is solar powered with changeable fascias such that the current and future QEPRA committees can easily change estate and community information presented on the notice board as required.

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