QEPRMC Handover to Residents - Eligibility information for Director nominations

A few questions have been raised concerning the QEP Residents’ Management Company (QEPRMC) and the need to find people interested in becoming Directors of it as part of the planned handover to residents from the original Developers.

QEPRMC Limited owns all the communal areas of the estate, and employs Hazelvine to run day-to-day estate operations on its behalf.  QEP Residents’ Association (QEPRA) is a voluntary organisation who represent residents’ interests in matters connected with the estate, particularly concerning gardening/trees, infrastructure/hard landscaping and scrutinise the service given by the Hazelvine and their subcontractors (e.g. gardeners) to strive for maximum value in how our service charges are spent.  QEPRA also tries to promote a sense of community around the estate via social events, newsletters and general engagement with the local community.  QEPRMC is a completely separate entity from QEPRA. 

While any QEP resident can get involved in QEPRA, only those who own a share in the QEPRMC are eligible to become Directors or vote at the QEPRMC’s General Meetings.  The shares in QEPRMC are owned by those people or companies who own a QEP property (one share per property).  Private tenants cannot become Directors, as they do not own a share, it is owned by the owner of the property they occupy.  In the case of Housing Association properties, it is the Associations which own the shares in the company, not the people who live in them.  Note that QEPRMC Directors roles are voluntary and unpaid.

All property owners should have received a letter from Q1 Professional Services Limited about the process that will be followed to appoint Directors.  If you haven’t received this letter, please let us know. 

If you are a property owner and are interested in volunteering to be a future Director of QEPRMC, please contact [email protected] for more information including details of the forthcoming briefing meeting about it.