QEPRMC Handover - Volunteer Directors Briefing Reminder

At 10.30am Saturday 1st July 2017, there will be a briefing for resident owners considering to volunteer to become a Director of QEPRMC.

Further to the letter sent out by Q1 Professional Services on 1st June 2017 on behalf of QEPRMC, join fellow resident owners at the QEP Centre to learn more about the process, expecations and responsbilities associated with volunteering to become a Director.  The meeting will be led by Mark Patchett, the consultant retained by the Developers (Laing, Linden and Miller Homes) to manage the handover process, and members of the QEPRA Committee.

In preparation for that meeting, you should review the governance document that will control QEPRMC, known as the Articles of Association. The Articles are available at https://tenant-portal.hazelvine.com/ by logging into your account. Navigate to the Documents -> Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford -> QEPRMC Handover folder to find the Articles document.

If you are unable to attend the briefing, but are interested in becoming a Director, please complete and return the nomination form by email to property manager James Gavin ([email protected]) copying the QEPRA Chairman ([email protected]), or by post to QEPRMC c/o Hazelvine Limited, Thamesbourne Lodge, Station Road, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire SL8 5QH on or before Friday 7th July 2017. 

If you have any questions in advance, please contact [email protected].