Here is  the schedule for festive events taking place on the estate this Christmas week.

24 th December all day prizes wrapped non edible gifts for completing the advent  trail will be outside the final house in the trail  . Don’t forget to collect your prize.

3 pm a socially distanced Santa will be walking through the estate waving at all.  A bell will alert everyone of Santa’s arrival.

6 pm Bells at 6 pm we want everyone to come out onto their doorsteps for a few minutes with  pots and pans to mark the start of Christmas .

25 th December

10 am Carols .please come out onto your doorsteps with pots and pans and bells to sing we wish you a merry Christmas together.

in the afternoon join in on a games Zoom session with Rachel Edgington.

30 th December

2 pm Family quiz . This is being organised by Carlotta Revirilego Herraez

More details on the QEP Facebook page.

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