Since 2007, the company commissioned to managed the QEP estate has been Hazelvine Ltd.  Hazelvine has been acquired by an international estate management company, Cortland.

Along with various other changes, the company previously known as Hazelvine is now called Anthem Management. So, it is not that QEP has changed its management company, it is just that Hazelvine has changed its name.

The best way to contact Anthem is to register on their Portal, if you are a QEP owner.

Confusingly, their website is still called though no doubt this will be changed in due course. To register on the Portal, go to that page and click on My Account. On that page you will be able to register as a new user. (Note that this is only possible for QEP property owners.)

They can be reached by phone on 01628 529765 and by email at [email protected].