Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee oversees and advises on all matters relating to the gardening, the estate greens and maintenance of shrubs and trees on the estate.

 Overall Responsibilities

  1. Liaising with managing agents Hazelvine, and with the garden maintenance contractors on gardening matters.
  2. Review residents’ gardening requests/complaints, if requests to Hazelvine have not been fully answered.
  3. Planning of occasional residents’ events connected with the gardens.
  4. Monitoring the quality of work by the garden maintenance contractors and other contractors.
  5. Liaising with tree contractors to ensure 6 monthly safety work is undertaken on trees on the estate.
  6. Periodically review the contract for grounds maintenance, working with the managing agents.
  7. Investigate new projects for encouraging wildlife.

The gardening committee can be contacted on [email protected].

Committee Members

Stephanie Sharpe
Dinah Bisdee
John Cooper
Tracey Brazier

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee works with the managing agents and their contractors to maintain and improve hard landscaping and the maintenance of communal fixed items /equipment and structures across the QEP estate.

Overall Responsibilities

  1. Ensure budgets for current and future expenditure of maintenance and repair programme are in place.
  2. Develop a capital maintenance plan to meet future expenditure for whole estate.
  3. Carry out regular site inspections approx. every 2 months.
  4. Develop a seasonal and prioritisation programme for upkeep and maintenance of the estate.
  5. Review options for maintenance of the estate footpaths and lighting around QEP.
  6. Overseeing any maintenance issues arising from Annersley House and Rivett Drake Apartments.

The committee can be contacted at [email protected].

Committee Members

Jon Edwards
Andy Saunders

Communication around the QEP Estate

This Queen Elizabeth Park website is managed by a group of volunteers, to help to provide important or useful information to residents, local businesses and owners/ shareholders.

Other volunteers administer our Facebook Group, Queen Elizabeth Park Guildford. Residents of QE Park and the surrounding areas of Stoughton are welcome to join our Facebook group but they must answer all the membership questions. The ‘Password’ may be found on the QEP noticeboard on the Green opposite the QEP Centre.

All posts in this group need to be approved by an admin. This is to prevent any abuse or other undesirable content. No selling is allowed, as there are plenty of other ways of selling things including Facebook Marketplace. Local businesses with a connection to QEP are welcome to advertise on the first of each month only. Such posts may be requested one or two days in advance.

There are many other groups or pages including the words ‘Queen Elizabeth Park’ so make sure you get the right one!



The company which acts as QEPRMC managing agent is now called Anthem Management (formerly Hazelvine Ltd.). It is responsible for the management of the estate, collection of service charge, recovery of unpaid charges, administration of the annual contracts, supporting our board of directors and ensuring a cost-effective and efficient service. They are in the process of changing all their communications into their new identity.

At present (early February 2024) their website is still called and all owners are encouraged to register on it. There is now a new ‘Portal’ called ‘Engage’, where individual service charge payers (i.e. QEP owners) can pay service charges, see any documents relevant to them, and report faults or requests.

(Please don’t be put off by the fact that some of the wording appears relevant only to leasehold flats or rentals – Hazelvine/Anthem is apparently working on that issue.)

Estate team contacts:

Estate Manager
Kristy Williams
[email protected]
OR [email protected]
01628 529765

Allsquare Law (Legal team sister company of Hazelvine/Anthem)
[email protected]
01628 200215

Housing Association residents should not contact Anthem but should send any complaints or requests to their respective Housing Association – Home Group or Clarion. Private tenants should in first instance contact their landlord.

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