Householders’ Information Sheet

Properties in QEP are governed by various Covenants, which all purchasers signed up to when they bought, which mean that householders may not change the colour of the outside of their houses (windows, balconies, garage doors and any other woodwork). These covenants apply even if you were not the original purchaser of the property from the Developers. They also apply ‘in perpetuity’ which basically means forever!

The reason for this rather strict rule is that the developers wanted to make sure that the unique and distinctive character of the estate was preserved, for the benefit of current and future residents. It must not be allowed to become a patchwork of different colours and finishes. Most present homeowners seem to share this view, and Estate Agents have from time to time told residents that this pleasant character of the estate is one of the reasons why QEP properties sell well and fetch good prices.

This information sheet has been prepared for householders by Hazelvine and the Directors of the QEP Residents Management Company Ltd. (QEPRMC).

Paint colours

See below. Please note no other colours are allowed. These products are sold online and in DIY retailers.

  • Green Cladding. (Eternit boarding made by Marley.)

The colour for this is: Zinsser Allcoat exterior satin (water based) in soft apple. See It appears that this would have to be mixed to order, as with many shades of paint.
If matching paint is required e.g. for bin stores, it is Sadolin Superdec/Dulux Willow ref 12B17 (mixed to order.)

  • Porches, Balconies, and other woodwork.

The colour for these depends on where in the estate you are.

Some areas such as Whateley Close use Sadolin classic wood protection in Mahogany, which is a darker colour.

In other areas the colour is a lighter one which is Sikkens Cetol HLS  006 Light Oak (preservative/ base coat), with Sikkens Filter 7, 006 Light Oak for the top coat. At date of writing, these are stated by Brewers to be still available.

However, some residents have found it hard to get hold of these specific colours and have had to use the closest match they can find from an appropriate range. In practice, as long as the colour matches as closely as possible in both tone and finish, no objection is likely to be raised.

  • Garage Doors.

Garage doors must be kept to the colour and style originally installed. Some garage doors are wood, and these were originally treated with Sikkens Cetol BL31 006, Light Oak. However, this is no longer available. Given that garage doors involve a large area to be treated, it is very important to get the colour right to achieve a coordinated look with the surrounding area. Brewers has told us that the colours mentioned above from the HLS and Filter 7 ranges should be a good substitute.

  • Balcony Railings (metal) such as in Railton Road.

Hammerite metal paint (5158235) in smooth black.

  • Front doors.

There are no prescribed colours, but in some areas all doors are painted the same colour. You might wish to keep the consistent look of your area by sticking to the same colour when repainting your front door.

For example, in Hopkin Close the red paint colour for numbers 4-10 and 25-31 is: Dulux WeatherShield Exterior Gloss, Monarch.

  • Off-white ‘monocouche’ render (on houses throughout the estate).

This coating should not be painted. If it has become discoloured, it requires specialist cleaning.
There appear to be two suppliers of the render itself: K-Rend and Weber Monocouche. It is available from most DIY shops: Travis Perkins, Jewsons, etc. We haven’t yet been able to find out the name of the colour used in QEP.

The paint for touching up in small areas, if needed, is Dulux Weathershield Masonry paint Almond White. Dulux does not sell it ready mixed in a tin, but says it is available for mixing on site at an approved stockist, which would be Brewers in Guildford. There is a recipe for mixing it on the paint mixing machine.

Specialist Cleaning

The company named below has done work for QEP householders who have been very satisfied. At times the company may be willing to offer discounts, particularly if they can clean more than one house in one visit.

This information is given to help QEP householders, but it is your own responsibility to check that this company’s services meet your needs. QEP Residents’ Management Company is not responsible for the quality of its work.
There are no doubt other companies which could also do this work but this one has done satisfactory work for QEP householders.

Alec Barrett
50 Lyminster Avenue
Brighton, East Sussex
(e) [email protected]
(t) 01273 921974

General: changes to the outside of your property

In QEP we have NO ‘permitted development rights’, and this also applies ‘in perpetuity’ i.e. forever, unless Guildford Borough Council changes their policy. This means that ANY change to the outside of your property needs planning permission. It includes: changing the style or colour of windows, including garden doors, and extensions of any kind, even if only at the back of the house. Builders and even architects do not necessarily know this, and may try to tell you that a change is a ‘permitted development’.

In practice QEP householders have found that minor changes may be allowed without going through the full planning permission process, but you need to check with the Guildford Borough Council planning department. Their email address is: [email protected].

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