The Board of Directors was first elected in 2019 following the handover of the estate from the Developers to the property owners. The board currently comprises eight Directors who, between them, have much experience of the QEP estate, and contribute their own individual skills. The Board Directors’ goal is to continue to manage and govern the operational aspects of the estate and plan for the future.

Summary of The Board’s main responsibilities

  1. Represent residents’ interests in matters connected with the estate, particularly concerning gardening and green spaces, the environment generally, and infrastructure/hard landscaping and generally maintaining the good appearance of the estate.
  2. Improve communication across the QEP residents including homeowners and Housing Association residents via social media, newsletters, this website, and any other appropriate means.
  3. Ensure accountability across the service provided by our managing agents (Anthem) and their subcontractors (e.g. gardeners).
  4. Review budgets and estate expenditure ensuring the service charge money is spent sensibly.
  5. Review current and future estate contracts making sure we get value for money.
  6. Promote working parties for specific projects e.g. parking.
  7. Ensure proper agreements are in place for all contractors and are reviewed regularly.

The Board can be contacted on [email protected].

  • Jim Blake

    Jim Blake

  • Jon Edwards

    Jon Edwards

  • Ruth Gray

    Ruth Gray

  • Andy Saunders

    Andy Saunders

  • Stuart Radforth

    Stuart Radforth

  • Lenka Stanbridge

    Lenka Stanbridge

  • Ben Holland

    Ben Holland

  • Dinah Bisdee

    Dinah Bisdee

Community-Led Management