🌿 Residents of Queen Elizabeth Park are happy to welcome you to our home and park areas. Please note QEP is a private estate.

Please treat the park with respect:

🗑 take rubbish home with you or place it in the bins provided
🐶 pick up your dog’s waste and take it home with you or use the bins provided
🚲 when cycling on pathways, ensure you are not causing danger to those walking on the greens/pavements

IMPORTANT: use of the greens for organised sports, children’s parties or other events is allowed only with permission from the estate’s managing agents on behalf of the QEPRMC board. Please contact Anthem/ Hazelvine on 01628 529765, or [email protected], explaining that you are seeking permission to use part of the QEP Green. Please make your request in plenty of time, as consideration has to be given to each request.

Thank you!

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