Have you heard of ‘Community Conversations”?

It is a locally inspired idea set up by GBC’s Community Wellbeing Team and local residents, who initially wished to have direct contact information to log local environmental matters requiring attention.

Anyone who supports the initiative receives an ‘info pack’ full of all that is needed to log matters seen when out and about locally.

Perhaps you see an open Virgin Media cabinet (dark green units), maybe damage to a bus shelter, a street light on in day lights hours (or not on at all!), drive over a pothole (ouch!), spot a fallen tree branch or littering…the pack lists all you need to log what you have seen over the phone, by email or online.

If you wish to support your local community, in your own time, then contact the ‘red’s team to find out more:
[email protected]
01483 444150 (Mon – Fri 9 – 5pm)

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