Useful Information Community Conversations

Have you heard of 'Community Conversations"? It is a locally inspired idea set up by GBC's Community Wellbeing Team and local residents, who initially wished to have direct contact information to log local environmental matters requiring attention. Anyone who supports the initiative receives an 'info pack' full of all that is needed to log matters seen when out and about... Read More

Notice QEP waste bins changes

As of next week GBC will be emptying weekly  the estate waste bins.  GBC have stopped the free collection of dog waste bins as part of their services cuts and the new waste bin  collection will be charged to the estate . There will be 11 general waste bins strategically placed across the estate. The bins can be used for... Read More

Important Notice – Master Gardens

The QEP gardeners Master Gardens  are continuing to work on the estate. They are following strict guidelines and remaining 2 meters away from others . We request Residents to not approach the gardeners whilst they are working . If you have any questions please contact our managing agents Hazelvine at [email protected] Thank you for your support at these difficult times. Read More

Local Support Groups During Coronavirus outbreak

There are several local support groups in the Stoughton community with several volunteers willing to help during these anxious times. If you would like further information see below Facebook link There is also a WhatsApp group now in operation if you would like to be included please contact Jo Millin at joan[email protected] . A Stoughton contact group of volunteers... Read More

Use of QEP Greens Important Notice

Please note that Guildford Borough Council have revoked the use of all green areas hence the greens within the QEP estate can no longer be used for social events or organised gatherings. Under normal circumstances the use of the QEP greens for any organised purpose ie sports teaching, children’s parties, organised games permission has to  be obtained from our managing... Read More