QEP Hero nomination

We are pleased to announce the QEP hero nomination is awarded to Michael Andrews  from Railton Rd and he was nominated by Lynn and Robin Clinch . Michael supported Lynn and Robin during lockdown with helping with shopping and general support. Here is why he was nominated At the onset of lockdown Michael immediately rang and offered to do our... Read More

News on Refresh Cafe QEP Center

QE Park Baptist Church are delighted to announce that the café space (formally known as Refresh), will be reopening! The Church has reached an agreement with a local Charity called FoodWise who will operate the café for a period of one year. As a church we have already worked with FoodWise (during lockdown, they used the Centre to cook and... Read More

Eden People Community Wellbeing Group

This local Guildford wellbeing group have been given a community grant by Guildford Borough Council to continue to run their wellbeing Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions in the QEPark Centre. If you are looking for space to rebalance, refresh, rest & relax body, mind & spirit these sessions could be just what you need. Designed to support your mental health, physical health, This... Read More

Useful Information Community Conversations

Have you heard of 'Community Conversations"? It is a locally inspired idea set up by GBC's Community Wellbeing Team and local residents, who initially wished to have direct contact information to log local environmental matters requiring attention. Anyone who supports the initiative receives an 'info pack' full of all that is needed to log matters seen when out and about... Read More

Notice QEP waste bins changes

As of next week GBC will be emptying weekly  the estate waste bins.  GBC have stopped the free collection of dog waste bins as part of their services cuts and the new waste bin  collection will be charged to the estate . There will be 11 general waste bins strategically placed across the estate. The bins can be used for... Read More

Estate Covenants Compliance Letter July 2020

Queen Elizabeth Park, Guildford: compliance with Estate Covenants   During the lockdown many people have been thinking about home maintenance and decoration. However, it has been noticed that some householders have made changes to the appearance of their home which directly contravene the covenants which all house purchasers agreed and signed up to when they bought their home in QEP.... Read More